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! Characters of Note

Nustralin : The Lich who is was slowly waging war across the lands of Yarm, he has been defeated by the races of Yarm.

Melok: The enemy of Nustralin but also the rest of the good people of this world. the heroes of Yarm have destroyed him but his legacy still is out there

Milbain Leader of a lost Cult in Yarm, said to offer his followers immortality for following the great god Belok

The Old Wizard It is said a wizard of great age and power has taken the Elves of the Earth as his soldiers. His name has not yet been confirmed

Mani: The new enemy of Yarm, he was once a hero but now has all the knowledge of the heroes of Yarm and has brought forth new evil into the world of Yarm



Barnswood Scout Camp

on 24/08/2018 at 17:00
until: 26/08/2018 00:00

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New players and Monsters needed for Deliverance

Hi All
Just a quick reminder we are still short of paying people for this years event. We are currently £700 down so get your promoting caps on and if you have not paid please do so.

04/02/2018 12:30

Lead PR person required

Hi all there is a requirement for a lead PR person to basically promote Balrog and keep everyone interested who is already a member, this could take the form of writing articles on web pages and blogs, posting on LRPbook and perhaps looking ...

24/05/2014 09:46

A Bah Humbug to everyone

Dare you risk it!

11/12/2013 16:53

New Book of Magic

Expansion on the Runes

14/08/2013 19:41

Time is a ticking

Get your stuff sorted!

21/07/2013 08:53